Eric's Project - Part 58


(7/15-16/2002) - No big developments, just mostly cleaning & measuring... 

I cleaned up my old cylinders, bead blasted them, and painted them flat black.

Nice clean pistons!

This is the crank I'm going to use - its the crank out of my 'spare' engine - Its only cut 1 over (.010"), and all the measurements are excellent - just needs to be balanced.

These are the rods I'm going to use - they are from the engine that was in the bug.  I'm going to have new wrist pin bushings installed (matched to the wrist pins) as the current ones measure out of the official specs.  They will also be getting new bearings on the 'big-end'.

I beadblasted and painted (flat black) all 16 of my 8mm head studs.

While I was beadblasting and painting, I also did the hex bar for my carb linkage (I never painted it for some reason, and it was starting to rust) - I did it in gloss black:

I disassembled and thoroughly cleaned both of my 44 idf's (what a chore!).

I also got all of the engine tin cleaned - Right now I'm working on cleaning up the heads - they've soaked for a while, but the carbon doesn't want to come off easily - guess I'll keep scrubbing!

I already received some parts, but the 'cool' stuff is still on the way:  NEW case, Engle FK-7 Cam, Deves Rings, Rod & Main Bearings, Lifters, Full Flow Filter Setup, etc.  As soon as I get the bearings and rings I will have the crank, rods, pistons, flywheel, and clutch pressure plate balanced.

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by Eric Huelsmann